Tablet Safety 101 – Making Your Tablet Safer for Public Use

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Tablet Safety 101 – Making Your Tablet Safer for Public Use

People are relying on tablet devices more and more every day. You use them for work and some for play. Tablets provide users with many of the benefits a laptop delivers, but in a format that’s even easier to take on the go. But, is your information safe when you use your tablet?

As with most things in life, there are things you can do to make your tablet a safer choice to use for business or pleasure while on the go.
•Install anti-virus software for your tablet device. You should only use trusted anti-virus names for this though as some savvy hackers have taken to creating fake anti-virus programs that actually install viruses on your devices.
•Be cautious when installing apps. Apps are notorious for not safeguarding your privacy.
•Enable capabilities to remotely wipe your device if it stolen and notify your provider (if applicable) right away if you have not installed those capabilities.
•Don’t click on advertisements on your tablet. Many ads automatically download viruses onto your device without your notice.
•Lock your screen when you’re not using your device.
•Don’t store log-in data on your tablet device. This makes it too easy for people who “find” your tablet to access your passwords, private, and financial information. The harder you make it for them to do, the less likely it becomes that they’ll go to the effort.
•Backup your data routinely. Some people do this daily. Depending on how often you use your tablet and what kind of data is stored on your tablet, this is a wise move to make.

The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi connection present very specific dangers to your tablet device. Many hackers disguise themselves as legitimate Wi-Fi connections and hang out in hot spots hoping someone will choose their connection to attempt a logging on. Once you’re connected to their device, bad things can happen. Look for secure Wi-Fi connections and be cautious when using public Wi-Fi.

It’s best to avoid it whenever possible though – especially when using your tablet for business or personal financial matters. Tablet devices are somewhat risky to use – especially for personal and financial information like reviewing tax returns or balancing your checkbook in public. However, the steps above will make your tablet safer for limited use in public.

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