Income Tax Grids 2013 & 2012

Alternative minimum tax (AMT) 2012 2013
Maximum AMT exemption amount $78,750 (MFJ) $50,600 (Single/HOH) $39,375 (MFS) $80,800 (MFJ) $51,900 (Single/HOH) $40,400 (MFS)
Exemption phaseout threshold $150,000 (MFJ) $112,500 (Single/HOH) $75,000 (MFS) $153,900 (MFJ) $115,400 (Single/HOH) $76,950 (MFS)
26% rate applies to AMT income (AMTI) at or below (28% rate applies to AMTI above) this amount $175,000 ($87,500 if MFS) $179,500 ($89,750 if MFS)
Exemptions/itemized deductions 2012 2013
Personal & dependency exemptions $3,800 $3,900
Phaseout threshold for exemptions and itemized deductions N/A $300,000 (MFJ) $275,000 (HOH) $250,000 (Single) $150,000 (MFS)
Standard deduction 2012 2013
Standard deduction amount $11,900 (MFJ) $8,700 (HOH) $5,950 (Single) $5,950 (MFS) $12,200 (MFJ) $8,950 (HOH) $6,100 (Single) $6,100 (MFS)
Standard deduction for dependent Greater of $950 or $300 + earned income Greater of $1,000 or $350 + earned income
Additional deduction for aged/blind $1,450 (single or head of household) $1,150 (all other filing statuses) $1,500 (single or head of household) $1,200 (all other filing statuses)
Top tax brackets 2012 2013
Single 35% of taxable income exceeding $388,350 + $122,683.50 39.6% of taxable income exceeding $400,000 + $116,163.75
MFJ 35% of taxable income exceeding $388,350 + $105,062 39.6% of taxable income exceeding $450,000 + $125,846.00
MFS 35% of taxable income exceeding $194,175 + $52,531 39.6% of taxable income exceeding $225,000 + $62,923.00
HOH 35% of taxable income exceeding $388,350 + $109,229 39.6% of taxable income exceeding $425,000 + $121,364.50


Long term capital gains and qualifying dividends1 generally taxed at maximum rate of: 2012 2013
Taxpayers in top (39.6%) tax bracket N/A 20%
Taxpayers in 25%, 28%, 33%, and 35% tax rate brackets 15% 15%
Taxpayers in tax rate bracket 15% or less 0% 0%

1 Generally, qualifying dividends are dividends received by an individual shareholder from domestic and qualified foreign corporations

Unearned income Medicare contribution tax 2012 2013
Amount of tax N/A 3.80%
Applies to lesser of (a) net investment income or (b) modified adjusted gross income exceeding:    
Individuals N/A $200,000
Married filing jointly N/A $250,000
Married filing separately N/A $125,000


Standard mileage rates 2012 2013
Use of auto for business purposes (cents per mile) $0.555 $0.565
Use of auto for medical purposes (cents per mile) $0.23 $0.24
Use of auto for moving purposes (cents per mile) $0.23 $0.24
Use of auto for charitable purposes (cents per mile) $0.14 $0.14
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